Nice Words from My Clients

Success Stories: Nice Words from My Clients:

“Dear Draga! 
Thank you so much for helping us finding our very first home. You made everything so smooth and easy which we thought would be so difficult. You’re very hard working and honest person. You don’t just make clients, you make them family! We’re so happy that we found you and know you for many years now. You don’t just work for the sake of it but you work whole heartedly and sincerely. 
We thank you for always being there and for all your love and support. ❤
Regards, The Ali Family”
The Ali Family

“Hi Draga,

Great job in helping us find an apartment for my son and his roomate whilst they are at university. We were struggling with this for weeks because there were not many suitable apartments but within just a few days of working with you we were making great progress and we found exactly the right place and with your guidance. I remember we closed the deal quickly after you worked into the evening during the weekend to complete the paperwork. I certainly appreciated your clear and prompt communication on all matters right up until the keys were handed over and everything was closed. Thanks!”


“We have known Draga (Draginja) and her wonderful family for over 15 years. She has been our dear and close friend with who we shared the family events, supported each other while raising kids, cheering each other on happy days and when life brought surprises. She has outstanding personal qualities and always there for you when you need her. I have always been convinced that these are not just many years of friendship that we have. Over the last years, I have been observing Draga developing as a real estate professional and growing her business. Recently, me and my husband have been fortunate to learn Draga’s professional side- we were astonished what a fantastic job she did for us! Our new condo building was released with over 60 units being out on the market for lease at the same time. Moreover, we were under tight timelines- had only 2 weeks before our upcoming trip overseas. But Draga turned this impossible mission into a possible!!!  She organized everything in such an efficient and professional manner, so that the right tenants found their way to our unit very quickly -the whole process went extremely smooth, with no obstacles and delays! We have been so pleased about the outcome! We would highly recommend Draga who made our transaction all so easy and painless to anyone needing support with the real estate needs! Thank you again Draga for your professionalism, human touch and friendship!”

Yours truthfully,

Leanna G. and Gregory S. 


“My family has recently just moved to Canada and as we are newcomers, finding a home has been a hassle. When we went for a showing of a condo, Draga was incredibly nice to us and patient which we weren’t really expecting from real estate agents. It was very welcoming and dealing with her has been a pleasure. Without a doubt, we look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Souliyo Lee


Once again, for the fourth time, working with Draga (Draginja) has paid off.  Her calm, positive efficacy has led to the sale of our condo at a price we were dreaming of, allowing us a generous budget for the purchase of our next home.  Working during a pandemic, Draga demonstrated an enviable level of pandemic protocol, performing all duties of the sale remotely, with no visits to the site. I will continue to recommend her services to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and caring realtor.  A true over-asking professional.  Thank you again, Draga!”

Dika G., Pickering, ON


“Many thanks to our Realestate Agent Draga who went above and beyond to find us a perfect home.
The journey took some time due to our picky nature, during which she was patient and understanding.
She is positive and encouraging which is required in this process of buy and sell.
I would recommend her to everybody.

Many thanks to Draga from Ana and Vlad


“Dear Draga,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for us selling our condo.  Your enthusiasm from the very start was the deciding factor in trusting you to sell our home,  we knew you were the right person and we were not disappointed.  Your hard work and professional work ethic paid off and we certainly appreciate everything you did to make our sale a success.  Without a doubt we would recommend you to our family and friends!”

John & Sara, Etobicoke – April 2021

“References to our Real estate agent,

We have been working with Draga, as our Real estate agent, for nearly 5 years, for either, buying or selling Real estate properties. We have appreciated her for knowledge, honesty, trustworthiness,  and no pressure approach to us as clients. Draga listens to our needs so she understands what we are looking for. She was always there for us, from early morning to late night, either by phone calls or emails; always positive and always cheerful. We can highly recommend Draga as your realtor because she can accomplish your real estate dreams.”

Miroslav & Ljubica 


“I have learned early in my life to trust professionals and I have applied this principle in my life. Our friend has referred Draga Kapetanovic to us when we were thinking to buy an investment property, 2016. When we met with Draga in her office and she has explained to us the details and our activities and path we will be taking together, we knew Darga will become our professional in the real estate field. We never looked back, our decision was the right one. We started searching for the investment opportunity for my family. At that time, there were set dates for multiple offers that started being a trend. After located the condominium, we wanted, I was ready to give a full offer without seeing the property. Draga did not allow this action and she did manage to negotiate a reduction of the asking price of $7,000 and we were extremely happy,  As soon as we got the possession of our investment property, Draga helped us quickly lease this condominium, we decided to buy one more investment property. We have listened to Draga and bought the 2nd investment property with the same builder, located very close to the first one. Draga negotiated with the builder $15000 reduction in the asking price with more upgrades to be applied after the construction is finalized… We were thrilled with the level of Draga’s professional service, negotiating skills and guidance on the way forward, as we have learned and knew each step and action to be taken in advance, we were ready and whenever we had questions Draga was there with the answers… Draga gave us exceptional service when leasing our both investment condominiums, using and paying for professional photographer and videographer as well as using the professional service to virtually stage them. Draga used her great marketing and negotiating skills to attract the right tenants since the competition was huge (115 units are still offered on MLS for lease in the City Centre area near Square One). Special efforts were needed to attract the tenant for the newly built condo as the Builder did not allow us to put this condo on MLS and expose to the other agents to bring their clients. The Builder has allowed us leasing this beautiful condo only by the “word of mouth”, that was nearly an impossible task. Additionally, we needed the approval of our lease agreement by the Builder! WOW! It was scary! We trusted Draga and she did it! She has helped us lease both condominiums in a short time and at the best terms… It’s time to relax now with the message we want to share that Draga is a professional, real estate agent with a heart,  she cares for her clients and protects their interests while having all knowledge not only as a professional real estate agent but also as a great negotiator and online marketing specialist, while giving additional value to her clients not only throughout the transaction period but also staying in touch as a personal trustworthy friend for life. We are grateful to our friend who has recommended Draga to us, as well as to Draga for making our lives stress free and relaxed whenever we need help in real estate as we know that Draga is there for us. If you need help and guidance to sell, buy, invest or lease real estate, we are confident to refer Draga… just talk to her and make your own informed decision. No pressure ever from Draga. Thank you very much, Draga for being on our side for years and we are looking forward to continuing working with you.”

 Jacqueline and Wayne 


“Thank you so very much, Draginja, for all of the hard work and dedication that you gave us in finding a great tenant for our rental condo. Your research and expert advice helped us price and market the condo to successfully rent our condo in a very competitive market in just two weeks. We are so grateful!!!!”

Carrie and Lorne 

“I met Draga over a decade ago when I became friends with her son, David. We were neighbours for 3 years before I moved into the condo I currently own.

2020 has been a crazy year, I don’t think it needs an explanation!
I needed to rent out my condo but the current state of the workforce and rental market was making it seem impossible! I had tried twice earlier in the summer with two separate agents and had no luck finding tenants.

David reminded me that his mom was in real estate, I can’t believe I had forgotten!
I reached out to her and she did what I didn’t think anyone could do… she found me the BEST tenant, and during a global pandemic! My hat goes off to Draga! Her positive energy and her refusal to give up hope is what made it happen.

Anything is possible if you believe, and having Draga at your side to help makes all the difference! ”


“Dear Draga,

It is gratifying to meet someone dedicated to doing a noble job like you. Your efforts, punctuality is sincerely appreciated. We greatly value your trust and confidence and frankly appreciate your loyalty to your experience and knowledge. I have enormous respect for her exceptional leadership skills and trustworthy professionalism which made me feel comfortable in your authority.

Your friendly and caring attitude bringing out the best in others, but most of all integrity and knowledge. You have no idea how much your HELP has helped me in such a short time purchasing our home and made everything very pleasant and smooth. You are always so helpful, you went above and beyond with your exports. I am touched and grateful for your outstanding professionalism, trust, friendly mannerisms that is priceless and I can go on and on.

I appreciate you so much for your kindness, being patient with me, explaining over and over, simple tasks. You made my banking, lawyer transition process so simple and easier to be followed and understandable, you’re so easy to work with.

You are an incredible person that meets once in a lifetime and remember forever. Thank you for your amazing and wonderful professional work.

Draga is particularly gifted at identifying clients’ needs, encouraging their contributions, and involving them in the process, and lastly to finalize the agreements.

I would definitely, recommend her to family, friends… “Draga,,. # 1 Realtor.”

Thank you and best regards.”

Angy and Alex


“When we made the decision to buy an investment property, our good friend had introduced Draga to us.
We started our search at the end of 2016 and the vast majority of properties on the market were selling with multiple offers.
When we found a suitable condo we liked came on the market, we called Draga to arrange the
showing and told her to prepare the offer with a full asking price as this one was not set up for multiple offers and we did not want to lose it.
Draga told us that she will negotiate the best deal for us and she kept her promise and we go this condo for $7,000
below asking!!! We were so happy! When our condominium was ready to lease; Draga invested in a professional photographer and professional videographer that has helped us rent our condo quickly and for top $$$ which more than covered our complete expenses.
We had our first tenants for the following three years. When we had any questions or concerns during this period of time, we would always get all answers from Draga. The tenants have given us notice that they are moving out, so we called Draga to help us with renting out our unit again. We all knew that the first impression is the most important, so Draga invested in Virtual Staging that has helped our condo to stand out! Our condo has been leased in just 5 days among the competition of 100+ condominiums in the immediate area near Square One.
We are extremely happy with Draga’s help and guidance, trusting her and listening to her advice throughout the whole process even during challenging Covid-19 situation. Thank you, Draga, for your fantastic help and for bringing us an amazing tenant again! We will be very happy to refer Draga to our friends and clients, as a Realtor who has heart, is trustworthy and cares for her clients! Draga is an excellent agent!  She has worked for us on multiple occasions and always delivered up to our expectations; even in this challenging market, she is our Realtor for Life!!!”

Jackie and Wayne


“Dear Draginja

I met Draginja quite by chance when she was recommended by an acquaintance. At that time I was looking for a Real Estate Agent to sell my Condominium in the heart of Toronto. I liked her from the start, she was open,  friendly, did not on the spot promised me the earth, but stated she will do the best to sell the Condo for the best price in that region.

Draginja was very patient, she discusses all of my concerns and apprehension. During the whole process, she meticulously explained all the contractual responsibilities of the Agent and the seller.

I moved out of the condo and Toronto shortly after, and left the whole process to Draginja.  I felt confident in her work ethic, to be able to handle the sale of the Condo without my help.

Most of our communication was by telephone or e-mail. She kept me informed at all time, even to the point of letting me know when I had Condo showings.

For me it was a painless experience, Draginja made everything very pleasant and smooth.  To top it all, Draginja sold the Condo for the FULL  ASKING PRICE, which was a wonderful bonus.

The sale of the Condo will be completed at the end of September 2019.

My hope is to stay in contact with Draginja, and meet her on my visits to Toronto. ”



“Dear Draga,

Thank you for your excellent service in purchasing and renting the condominium apartment.  We appreciate your professionalism and kindness as well as your responsiveness to all our inquiries, not to mention your patience, knowledge and availability at all times, timely answers to our questions and lastly to finalize the agreements.

It was a pleasure working with you. We will recommend you to our friends.”

Thank you and best regards,”

Wiesia and Leo


“From the first time, I had the pleasure of meeting Draga, I was confident she would meet all my expectations as my Realtor. Trustworthy professional, and made me feel comfortable in her presence, with a friendly and caring attitude, but most of all integrity and knowledge. “Hard To Find”… Thank you once again for all your hard work, time and patience. I would definitely, recommend her to family, friends… Draga,,. #1Realtor.”

Bridget Vellam. Client, 2019.♥️


“My family and I are currently working with Draga to buy a new home. She is a professional in her field, very dedicated in finding a suitable home for us, and always willing to take us to view potential listings. No matter the time and day, she will be there! We hope to find something we like very soon, we are more than certain we will with the help of Draga!”



“We have used Draginja twice as our real estate agent, first time as a buyer and recently as a landlord.  She did a great job working for us and protecting our interests. She is very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Draginja works so very hard for her clients. We would certainly recommend her to someone needing a residential real estate agent.”

Carrie & Lorne


“My name is Maria Oliveira and I would like to thank Draga for everything she did for my family and myself in selling our house and buying another house. Her dedication was amazing. Draga was always ready to help in any way possible. Her positive attitude helps in many ways and she is very knowledgeable in both selling and buying.

She is more than just a Real Estate Sales Representative, she cares with heart and wants the best for all her clients.  She is more like a friend then your agent. If you are looking for someone to help you sell or buy or just get information about Real Estate, you need Draga on your side.

I would like to thank Draga for everything she did and I know that she will always be by my side and – Yes – there is no one else I would use then Draginja Kapetanovic. Thank you,”

Maria Oliveira

“We have been introduced to Draga through our acquittances and her fully satisfied former clients.  At that moment we did not have any Real Estate deal in mind and were also quite satisfied with our previous Real Estate agent.  We were quite impressed with her approach and dedication to Real Estate business in both selling or buying side of it, so much that we decided to trust her in a very sudden and quick decision of selling our apartment home in Mississauga to continue living abroad, while actually being out of country at the moment of the decision. Despite of our physical absence, Draga managed to make all the preparations for listing, including photographing and virtual tour, so that listing and sale started on the day of our return to Canada.   All that and subsequent effort in showing resulted in a very quick sale of the home, negotiating to us the most convenient closing date and everything else for our complete satisfaction. We are extremely glad to recommend Draga as extremely professional but also as a very pleasant person that we can completely trust. Thank you Draga for excellent work but also for all the support, releasing of stress in difficult times and achieving our goals.”

Lilly & Slobodan Boljanac

“We are writing to thank Draga for her hard work and dedication to find us our first investment home. Immediately when we made the decision to start looking to invest in a condominium, we called Draga as she has helped us buy our first home, which we are still living in. We met Draga at her open house 8 years ago. The house where we met Draga was not suitable for us but we made the decision to continue working with Draga and we never looked back. Draga did it again: she has helped us find the best value for our investment property, which even had 3 parkings included that are additional investments on their own. Draga also helped us lease our condo in 7 days to the best renters for our investment condo! Additionally, Draga has taken extra time to guide us through the new changes for investment homes while helping us with Mandatory Provincial Residential Tenancy Agreement. We highly recommend Draga to anyone who is thinking of selling, buying, investing or leasing properties. We are looking forward to working with you in future Draga! Thank you very much for all your hard work and knowledge shared! We are grateful!”

Family Raihan

“Once again, Draga’s expertise and thorough knowledge of negotiating managed to get us what we needed for the next phase in our lives. In only 12 days she managed to sell our house and buy a waterfront condo for our downsizing family. She did it with confidence and a healthy dose of risk-taking. Thank you, Draga!”

Dika Gajic

“Our experience with Draga has been nothing short of fantastic from start to finish. We found Draga to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and honest in her dealings. Draga has lots of patience and understands clients needs and requirements. She was very thorough and pointed us in the right direction from where small renovations needed to be made as well as how to stage the property for sale. She helped us sell our house in less than 2 weeks and also assisted us in buying a house according to our needs and at a fantastic price. Draga was always available to answer all our questions and would check with us often to make sure everything was proceeding smoothly. We would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or/and sell their house. She is a perfect real estate agent for you!! With Draga you are in safe hands. Thank you Draga!!”

Sanarita and Salil Kendal

“We couldn’t have done it without Draga!!!!! My brother and I lost our dad in January this year and while cleaning out his condo, we found a sweet little note from Draga, introducing herself, but also offering sincere condolences. We took our time to come to terms with the loss of our dad, but when we were ready to sell, Draga was the FIRST person we called. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I just knew Draga was going to be a very important person to us. She helped us to make the best decisions about how to go about the sale, how much to list for and when to do it. She showed us comparable listings in the building which made us confident in our asking price. Draga was available to us 24 hrs a day if necessary and answered all of our questions very quickly. On ‘offer day’ Draga had secured 4 offers that night and reviewed each one with us. We assessed each offer and in the end, Draga helped us sell my dad’s condo for almost $27,000 over asking!!!! We could tell how excited Draga was for us because we are now all friends. Draga also went above and beyond for us on closing day when she delivered the keys to the buyers lawyer. I cannot explain how much that helped us out on closing day!!! Draga is now a dear friend and I will say it again, we just could not have made it through this process without her!!!
Cheers to Draga!”

Allison Cramer

“To Whomever it may concern,We have found Draginja to be an exceptional real estate agent and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in purchasing a property.
We have recently purchased a condominium, as an income property, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Draginja was very professional, diligent, and knowledgeable. She is a good listener and quickly found properties that matched our criteria.
After purchase, she also assisted us with finding a tenant, screening, and forming a lease agreement.
We will gladly provide a good reference regarding her services anytime.”

Wayne Long & Jackie Delaney

“I have met Draga on her Open House for her listing in 2121 Roche crt # 127. I was one of the numerous visitors since the condo looked great in the marketing materials and was well prepared for sale, staged… Draga gave me all attention I needed and answered all my questions including the information about how she works with sellers that I was interested in. I was curious about her additional value for the sellers through the “Room By Room Review” and her book “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Fast”. She stayed in touch with me and when the time to sell our home came, we invited Draga to present us her plan, although we had an agent who was referred to us and we have already interviewed for the job of selling our home.
When we have listened to her presentation, we felt we have got a lot of knowledge about the process of selling (we were sellers for the first time) as well as we got peace of mind as we felt the trust was there.
Draga kept her promise, not only applying her knowledge as Real Estate Professional, but also using “Room By Room Review” information and instructions that she has now applied to our own home that was very useful for us.
Draga has helped us stage our home for FREE. She brought few of her own staging items that she did not charge for and help us that our home looks the best!
It all paid off: we sold our home for $15000 over asking price with multiple offers. This is the HIGHEST PRICE EVER got in our complex!!!
We are very happy with the service and accessibility of Draga: not only excellent service, but she was always there to answer any additional question and/or concern we may have as well as to guide us through the complex process of selling, so we could go on with our daily work and activities feeling safe while exposing our home for sale not only through Open House, but also using professional photographer and professional video tours (one of them with voice over)…Visit Draga’s websites: and to review other testimonials as well as for any additional information that may be of value for you or to contact Draga.
Draga has helped us throughout the process so we could sell our home smoothly and without stress.
Great friendship for life has been developed during this process of selling our home. We are ready to continue referring Draga to our neighbours, friends, colleagues…as we know that by hiring Draga that they will get the best help and advice when selling, buying and/or investing in Real Estate!
Thank you so much Draga for keeping your promise and for helping us to GET TOP DOLLAR FOR OUR HOME FAST!!!We are so happy to have this great experience with Draga..
The name you can trust with professional expertise in Real Estate!”

Regina and Edvin

“We would highly recommend working with Draga to find your ideal home. Within a very short period of time, Draga managed to find us a place that has everything on our wish list and surpassed our expectations given our budget.
Not only was Draga very knowledgeable, honest and professional, but she also has a very genuine and friendly personality, which helps put her clients at ease and know she’s looking out for their best interests.
We will definitely seek out Draga’s assistance again in the future.
Thanks Draga!”

Denis and Samar Callagher

“I came to know about Draga from one of my colleagues and I must say working with her was a wonderful experience.She and her daughter Sara helped us a lot to find our new home with great patience.The feedback and reviews we received about her before we decided to work with her helped us . We definitely recommend all to work with her.”
Atriya and Arunima Bhattachaya
“Our condo sold within 24 hours! Delighted with the service Draga provided – professional, honest and very helpful.
Always cheerful she will go the extra mile for her clients.
Having bought and sold many properties this was one of the best experiences to date.
We have no hesitation in recommending her services as she has now completed 3 transactions for our family.”
Alun and Janice Davies
“I am rarely motivated to write this kind of letter. It requires an exceptional experience or person to prompt me to do so. Both reasons apply here.
Once I finally made the decision to sell my condo, I felt relieved and was ready to move forward, thinking I had conquered the hardest part. How terribly wrong I was. I quickly learned the hard truth. The most difficult process in selling and buying a home is finding the right agent. I met with quite a few, but none of them allowed me the confidence to move forward. Then I met Draga. From the moment she greeted me with that sincere and confident smile, I knew this was the person I had been looking for. I heard through word of mouth that Draga was a hard worker. At that time I did not realize the depth of those comments. Regardless the number of hours of hard work she always had a smile for me. We encountered several difficult situations and Draga forged on with surety “all will be okay”. Everything may not have gone as planned. However it would not have had such a positive and successful outcome without her dedication and expertise. She always makes that extra effort and takes the time to answer all your questions. Draga is truly an amazing individual. I did not hesitate in opening my personal contacts and passing their numbers on to her. Bold you may think but if you know an individual who can deliver what they promise you would like them to benefit. I know I do and did. Draga is a gem and I know I have not only an agent for life but someone I would call a friend as well.”

Pamela Ibrahim

“Draga is a real estate agent with heart! We really felt that she cared deeply about helping us. That made the experience a positive one. Her happy demeanor added to our own happiness and excitement of making a new purchase. Draga would check in with us often and make sure that everything was proceeding smoothly. She would follow up easily with the things we needed her to check on. Details are important to her. I would recommend Draga (in a heart-beat!) for anyone who wants to buy or sell.”

Carrie B. + Lorne K.

“I have recently sold my home at 47 Four Seasons Circle in Brampton and I moved to beautiful penthouse located at 2155 Burnhamthorpe Road in Mississauga. I’m going to miss the tree-lined streets and all the dog-lovers, but I’m trading all that for the penthouse with breathtaking view of whole Mississauga day and night.
I want to share with you my experience of working with Draginja (Draga) Kapetanovic during the selling of my home. Quite simply, I highly recommend her to you, should you ever need real estate services. I first met Draga when I was referred to her by a dear friend. I was extremely impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm. When it came time for us to sell, I had no doubts about whom to call.
From day one, Draga put our needs first. She was always responsive and sympathetic, left no detail uncovered and had high standards of excellence. I have sold our previous home in the past and never received this special kind of service.
Draga’s knowledge of the real estate market is obvious. We wanted to price our home a little below the market because we needed a fast sale, but Draga convinced us she’d be able to find a buyer quickly at full market value. She did. I’m glad I listened.
Her marketing skills are second to none. We were thrilled with the result after holding an Open House, as we have got multiple offers and managed to keep our penthouse in Mississauga, which we have bought conditionally upon sale of our home!
We are confident to refer Draga to our friends, neighbors and cousins when they need help selling/buying and investing in Real Estate.
Thank you, Draga!”

Marie Drummond

“Our experience with Draga has been nothing short of fantastic from start to finish. She is so down to earth and makes it such an exciting experience to purchase your first home.
She genuinely cares about her clients and wants nothing but the best for you and almost makes you feel like family in the process.
I know there are a lot of sleazy salespeople out there but Draga works from the heart. She even told me that a lot of the commissions that she makes she donates to charity! She really is a sweet woman who deserves your business.
I could not of asked for a better experience working with Draga and I would be recommended her to anyone!
Thank you so much for all your help and for making this such an exciting experience! I am truly grateful for everything you have done and all of your hard work!
I wish you all the best to you in your life! I know Domenic and I will always keep you close in our hearts!”

Carolyn Clark

“Draga sold my home in TWO DAYS over asking! I was referred to Draga by a close friend of mine, and I’m extremely glad I decided to follow through for the sale of my home with them. She was incredibly efficient, knowledgeable and hard working. It’s really rare to meet wonderful people like Draga and I’m very fortunate to have been able to work with her. I didn’t just meet my real estate agents for life, I gained a great friend. I am willing to recommend her to anybody looking to sell, buy and/or lease their homes. Thank you Draga, I am forever thankful to you.”

Eugenia L.

“As first-time homebuyers, we weren’t sure what to look for in an agent. Draga was recommended to us and we are genuinely grateful for that. Since day one, Draga was very professional and knowledgeable. She was honest with her opinions and was always willing to answer our questions, no matter what time of the day. Draga was never pushy and she got to know us on a personal level, which really helped in searching and ultimately finding the perfect house. We would definitely use Draga’s services in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enter the real estate market.”
Ada & Zachary Kozak
“It has been a pleasure working with Draga Kapetanovic as she has been very helpful to us finding our first dream home in Canada. Draga has been very patient and flexible and met my schedule whenever I asked her to show a home during our search. very helpful and loving person by nature and of course very professional in her work. we were very happy to work with her and she helped us all through the way finding our home. Thanks to Draga and good luck to her for her future endeavors.”

Hassan & Mariam Jafri

“Draga has a friendly personality full of positivity and a honest person. Draga has lots of patience and understands client needs and requirements. Needless to say she also respects individual cultures. She guided us through entire process of home buying (from start to finish). Her motivation kept the deal active in difficult situations and she has added efforts to make things happen in the right direction.
In toto, a complete Real estate solution. I will definitely recommend her as a very good agent.”

Dharmen Gor

“I would like to thank my agent Draga , who helped me to find this house. Today I am a proud house owner because of her. I was looking for a perfect house for my family during last 2011 year and I could not find anything which can meet my requirements. Some times felt to give up, but her encouragement with smiling face and hard work did not let me. I appreciate her determination and her sincerity to her clients . She always cares about her clients’ demands. She has done wonderful job for me. I would recommend her to everybody : If you want to buy or sell your house , she is the right agent for you!!!
At the end, I would say she is a wonderful friend as well.”

Ismat Ara

“I called Draga by way of a flyer through the mail, to get an estimate on our condo. Draga had this positive energy about her and I knew she was the right agent. We worked together to price the condo, develop listings, take pictures. She made it a fun process rather than stressful. What I liked best about Draga were:
Her positive energy which I believe was the reason we sold in 10 days after 2 viewings only.
Her follow through with every little detail
Her service post sale. We closed our condo 5 mths after sale and she helped us through extensions. she did not leave our side until she delivered our deposit check to us.We have made a good freind in the process. Our kids even fondly remember her. The people who bought our condo ended up hiring Draga to sell their condo. Shows how nice she is.I would HIGHLY recommend Draga for he positive attitude and immaculate service. She works hard for her money and truly deserves it.”

Namita Bhambri

“I was in the market for a home and had met with and sent messages to several agents.
Draga was clearly the most efficient, helpful and friendly. She was professional, prompt and knowledgeable. She responded quickly and was always available to go for a viewing. She knew the market well and had excellent insight into what was a potentially good deal vs not.
Draga also has fantastic negotiating skills and I couldn’t be happier with the job she did. I highly recommend her for both her attitude and results!”

Tom Plut

“My special thanks to you Draga for the wonderful job you did on helping my family to settle down and find our first condo in Canada with all our requirements in 4 days. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to get the mission done. It is a joy for me to meet such a dedicated, talented and hard worker person like you.My best wishes, you deserve the best!”

Marwa Hassan

“Draginja who is very knowledgeable and efficient real estate agent, her experience, expertise, and analysis assisted us in making a good decision of purchasing our condo at Subway Crescent, Toronto.
Either you are the first or multiple time buyers/sellers, we recommend you to contact her for your next real estate needs.
Absolutely, you will experience a difference and the benefits will be on your side.”

Ryan Luu
(OSSTF) Ontario Secondary School Teacher Federation

“Draga was referred to me by my parents. She came into my home and told me what were my selling features and what could prevent my home from being rented (in my case the walls required painting). She did a wonderful video show casing my condo and it was placed on the market on Monday and we had a renter by Wednesday.
I was traveling for business that week so she offered tips how we can close the deal while I was not in town. She even found me an affordable painter for my condo.”

Lisa C.

“Dear Draga,
We want to thank you for your help in finding a tenant to lease our condo in record time for the price we asked. You went above and beyond our expectations. You are professional, very positive, thorough and pay great attention to detail.
Most of all, we appreciate all the effort you took in advertising in multiple ways via MLS, internet, Rogers TV, print and the many extras that you provided. We admire how you worked efficiently at all times, ensuring we were kept informed at all stages of the process, which made it not only stress-free, but enjoyable.
Special thanks to your daughter Sara for her help and patience. You and your family are truly a blessing.
We highly recommend you as a great realtor to anyone looking to lease, buy or sell a property.”

Muriel and Errol Clarke

“I met Draginja Kapetanovic when looking for a rental property. Draga is a helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, hard working agent and I will recommend her as a very good agent.”

Britt Christoffersson

“We came to know Draga about 2 years ago while looking a for an apartment to rent.
We really found her to be very honest and caring and helpful.
We stopped dealing with all other real estate agents after we knew her and trusted her. She found great condominium for us that we have leased. It matched all our extremely specific and high criteria as have got a baby, as well as the price and location, fit well our needs. We really feel that we have a true new friend called Draga, where we even consider her one of the family members. We are away in Alberta now, but we know that the agent to invite when the time come to buy our first home will be Draga even if we choose to buy home far away. We know that the options are that Draga comes as our guest while looking or a home or to ask her to refer us to the best agent in the area where we want to live…Trust and friendship with Draga made us have this plan long time ago…Thank you so much Draga and we would definitely recommend you to our friends, family members and neighbours, who are looking to sell, buy or invest in Real Estate.”

Dahlia and Yasser

“In my opinion, Draga is the best agent, patient, knowledgeable, she understands people needs, she is part of a wonderful team.
The workshop she just organized opened my eyes and prepared me to work on specific things to buy a desired home.
Draga is so positive, energetic and a warm company. She feels exactly the client needs.
I only desire to buy my dream home with Draga as I completely trust her.”

Cristina Pirvu

” ‘Sale By Owner’ Transaction done by Draga. We are extremely happy by the professional service provided by Draga for our first house. She is very patient, a very good listener, understands client needs/requirements and is an exceptional realtor.
The buying process was indeed very smooth since Draga educated us about the entire procedure, so we knew exactly how the hunting process would be. We were timely informed about each and every stage of the buying process until the closing date. We are fortunate enough to have Draga as our realtor.
With a positive note, we highly recommend Draga to anyone looking for a trustworthy realtor and we are very confident she will give her best shot to exceed the client’s expectation.
Thank you Draga!”

Kiaan, Puja & Jatin

“Draga was our best friend real estate agent! She thoroughly understood our needs and tailored her advice and recommendations to our situation.
She came prepared to offer solutions to all our questions and dissipate out doubts and remove the obstacles and uncertainties.
A positive attitude is important” says Draga and with that in mind we tackled every challenge and made us successful in the end: we sold the house in one week over the asking price!!!
Keep Draga in mind when you need help to navigate the current real estate market and trust not only she’ll help you every step of the way but you’ll reach your real estate goals with your best friend on your side!
Thank you Draga for your guidance, support and making our house sell fast and easy!”

Daniela And Cristian Medeleanu

“Draga SOLD our house for more than asking! She is hard worker, knowledgeable and dedicated to do her best for her clients. Draga has provided professional photography, videotours, and advertised our home on TV, while honestly guided me and allowed me to go through the process of selling my house stress free! I am so happy with Draga’s service and I strongly recommend Draga for her expertise, experience and integrity to everyone for all their realestae needs as she knows how to get the job done effectively while being humble at the same time. I feel now that Draga has become for me, more than a real estate agent, she is our personal friend and realestate agent for life.”

Giusepinna Donetti

“Draga and David sold our home in 5 days with 8 offers for $68,000 over asking! I couldn’t believe it. Incredible. Draga and David were referred to me by a mutual friend, and I met them while interviewing multiple real estate agents. I was very pleased with their presentation and their kind, genuine and honest approach. They’re both very passionate for their job, and it can definitely expressed through the way they treat their clients. Once I met them, I knew that they were the perfect agents for this transaction, and for all of my future ones as well. In the process, we became family. I truly consider their entire family as a part of mine. I will be eternally grateful for their compassion, hard work and gentleness towards my family and I, and I would recommend them to everybody looking to buy, sell, invest or lease. You can’t go wrong with such a wonderful, energetic and enthusiastic real estate team.”

Shannon C.

“I met Draga when selling my late father’s house. Having to deal with this bittersweet transaction, meeting with Draga made it go much smoother with great peace of mind. With extreme efficiency and compassion, Draga has helped beyond my expectations. The house was sold for more than expected, and now I am looking to buy my new place with Draga’s help. With a wonderful, professional personality, I was also treated like family. Thank you Draga for all your hard work!”

Thelma Silva

“To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to give Draginja Kapetanovic my highest recommendation. She knows her market extremely well; she is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with her clients. Draginja Kapetanovic is both very professional and personable. She clearly takes pride in doing a good job. In my particular case as a buyer of a home, there were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Draginja Kapetanovic was a great help.
I have known Draginja Kapetanovic for over 5 years and when it came time to buy my first new home, I did not have to think twice who I would have be in charge of representing my interests. Draginja Kapetanovic has got to be the most knowledgeable real estate person in the GTA market. I found working with her a joy and felt like she was there to help me during every step of the processes. She emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel very secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. Draginja Kapetanovic is a true professional in every sense of the word, and puts her client’s interests far above her own.
I would be very happy to give Draginja Kapetanovic my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one. Her in depth KNOW HOW and the numerous professional and personal contacts in the business, places her in an enviable position from where she can take advantage of opportunities for her clients which other realtors can only dream about. This alone sets her apart from all her fellow realtors in the GTA market.
Thank you so much Draginja Kapetanovic for who you are in the world and for all your hard work. You are a light in the world and I am glad to know you. I would recommend your services to anyone. Yours truly,”

Essam Zaghal

“I met Draga through a cold call asking if I was interested in selling my condo and was very happy that I set up the appointment. Draga arrived and explained very clearly the process of selling the condo and the fees. You knew when speaking with her that she was very knowledgeable and a very experienced agent. There was no pressure from Draga even though she knew that what I wanted wasn’t going to work but she always understood where I was coming from. She was very patient and through discussions and letting me work it out, it really did work out for me. We sold my condo in about a week for the most any 2 bedroom/2bath has ever sold for in my bldg. Needless to say I am very happy client and am recommending her to anyone who asks. Thanks Draga.”

Mary Czempiel

“Dear Draga,
This gives us immense pleasure to write about you…. in one word we can say, you are FANTASTIC!!!
From the day we came to Canada, you have extended your sincere support to find us a nice condo for rental, thereafter guided us with your positive thoughts and encouraging advises…. and tirelessly assisted us to find a great condo to buy as our first home in Canada, meeting all our criteria. We knew we were very selective, had a long list of what the property and the neighborhood should and should not have, but you have shown your sincere care as a great friend, and extended your assistance day and night, even during late nights and weekends, till we could find what we really want!! You guided us, followed-up all concerned parties (including the Lawyer, Bank’s Mortgage Specialist, Seller and their Agent…. the list is long) with true professionalism. It was made possible because of you…. we found a great home meeting all our preferences, closed the mortgage exactly on-time and very smoothly… and we didn’t even have to spend even one hour extra during the whole buying process… you made it so simple!!
We are glad that you came into our life as a blessing and we always hug you as one of our most nearest and dearest one.
Thank you again for the warm helping hand, sincere suggestions, extraordinary extended supports… and most of all… for being our GREAT FRIEND!!!
Take care… we wish you all the very best life can offer.”

Shabbir & Tamanna

“When I started thinking about purchasing a home in Pickering for my family, a friend recommended Draga and said that I would not regret working with her. She said that the quality which distinguished Draga from other agents was her caring and professionalism. As a first time home buyer and a single mother, I was still understandably sceptical. Then the first meeting with Draga happened and all my fears disolved.
From the very start of the process, Draga made me and my daughters feel comfortable and understood. She carefully assessed our housing needs and made it fit our financial structure. When a house we really liked was taken off the market in the middle of my debating on whether to make an offer or not Dragana did not skip a beat. She found a property in an even better spot within the desired location and reacted quickly on our behalf. A few days later, the home of our dreams was ours. Draga made it happen and considerably under budget. Everything I had on my wish list and more materialized in this home and I believe that I would have never found it without Draga’s help. The most extraordinary thing about her work with us was that she is an expert for Toronto locations and our purchase required that she worked on a Pickering location. She researched the local market within days and was ready to go. Traveling over 40 km for every visit she scheduled for us, she was never late or lost. I admired her for her work ethics as I know how many challenges the GTA commuting could pose to a busy professional such as her.Finally, one thing that blew me and my girls away about Draga was the passion she had for her job. It often seemed that she approached her assignment as a personal quest to put our family in that desired home of our dreams. It certainly never felt like she was just doing a job. This made us feel respected and valued and it certainly paid off. She saved us time, money and worry and in the process became a family friend.
Thank you, Draga and rest assured our next real estate endeavour is yours to guide us through. All the best from Sara, Eva and Dika!”

Dika Gajic

“To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Draga Kapetanovic, Realtor. I hope my perspective will be helpful to you in your search for an exceptional real estate agent.
My first contact with Draga was on Family Day 2008, when she ‘cold-called’ my father’s telephone number at the condo where he had resided prior to his untimely death last fall. During the course of our initial conversation, she presented realty information with such ease and humor that she set the tone for the relationship which was to be built between us. She exuded genuineness, warmth, and integrity. Her creative ideas for presentations and activities were inventive and entertaining; they were also astonishingly effective.
During the time I have known Draga, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the field of Real Estate. I have enormous respect for her exceptional leadership skills & professionalism, and have been pleased to have dealings with her on many occasions.
She is particularly gifted at identifying clients’ needs, encouraging their contributions, and involving them in the sales process. Her commitment and passion for her work was evident as we worked together during this year, and she has became a close friend and colleague of mine.
I urge you to carefully consider Draga as your newly appointed Real Estate representative as she is, quite simply, the most remarkable agent that I have ever met.”

Mary L. Moorhouse, Client/Vendor

“I met Draga when I was trying to buy a new condo in Etobicoke, at that time I was not sure of what could work best for me as I was not only concerned about getting into a new place, but also wanted to make a good investment out of it.
She spent really quality time with me and guided me to get into what I think was the best option at that time for me. She also put me in contact with a great mortgage agent who specializes in immigrants, and thanks to that I was able to complete the purchase…
Recently, I called Draga again because I wanted to sell my condo to move in with my fiancee. Again she offered me the best customer experience, her efforts to help me stage my condo, advertize it, negotiate it and finally sell it (with the furniture included) have been just great. Up to the point that I sold my condo at a record price in my building in just three weeks…
I am happy to have met Draga, and I definitely plan to continue doing business with her.
More than an agent, she is my Real Estate, business partner!!”

Lenin Marino

“I was first told about Draga many years before I was ready to sell. When it came time to make the decision to sell my condo, I naturally called her. When we first met, she gave great advice on what I should do to prepare my property for sale. She was very thorough and pointed me in the right direction from where small renovations needed to be made as well as how to stage the property for sale. She was right, when the moment finally came that we sold. Draga did her homework, researched the area as well as prospective clients that were perfect for my property. I had no issues recommending her services to others in the building. Each person referred always comes back with the same comments about Draga. Her hard work and dedication in helping others always comes through. I appreciate what Draga has done for me and to those that have been recommended by me.
Many thanks for starting new lives from those that you have touched.”

Darryl Chapman

“We met Draga at the open house in our condominium, and we automatically loved her friendliness and openness towards us. We completed renovated our home and were ready to sell it, and when we met Draga, we almost instantly knew she was the one that was going to list it. Selling the condo, there was hurdles and struggles but Draga kept us calm and collected throughout the journey. We listened to all of her advice, and sold our home. We were extremely pleased with Draga’s service, and will definitely be delighted to use her services again and again. We highly recommend Draga to anybody looking to buy or sell their home. Trust us, you will be in very good hands.”

Mihaela And Adrian Cojocaru

“Working with Draga has been such a pleasure. She was always professional and went above and beyond our expectations. We really appreciated her advice, her positive energy and her openness.
Originally wanting to test the market to sell our condo, Draga helped us set the right price and stage it. Her efforts in marketing our condo in so many different ways was truly admirable. We couldn’t be any happier with her services!
In the end, we decided to lease the condo again and Draga found us the perfect tenant in just one day! She prepared all the necessary paperwork and ensured that the transaction was completed smoothly for all parties.
Draga is truly amazing! She is hard working and always strives to provide the best for her clients. We’d work with Draga again in a heartbeat!”

Stefanie Isler & Nick

“Draga was consistent in her professionalism in my home search. At the beginning of my search I was undecided on the decision of purchasing a home verses a condo. Draga was patient and kind; she held my needs and interests first. Draga continued to help me in my search, she was always attentive to calls and emails, responding in a timely fashion, responding concisely, dealt with me in a matter of integrity, with great honesty. My interests and needs seemed always to be the priority. She seems to just know me and have a good understanding of the features, size of home, neighborhood, community amenities, conveniences and the price range I was in search of. I am so happy with my home and neighborhood. She really helped me to get the best for the value of my dollar. She even made follow up calls after my purchase to see how I was doing  🙂
I truly wish her the best in all her future endeavors! I am so thankful that I placed my trust in her expertise!”

Mary Batista

“We met Draginja last year and she influenced us to buy a house of our dream.
Without her we were not able to make a decision in this direction. She was very helpful an very hardworking and honest person. We found with her the house of our dream and for this we will thank to her and also we will recommand her as a very good agent to everyone.”

Aurelia And Marian Suba

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing about Draga Kapetanovic, Realtor.
I hope my perspective will be helpful to you in your search for an exceptional extra ordinary Agent .I will say it short in a few words because I know if I’ll write pages and pages it will not be enough to say how great Draga is.
Draga is a helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, hard working agent and I will recommend her as a very very good agent to everyone.
I will always contact her for my future business as well.”

Ali Boriri

“Working with Draga was a great experience! I contacted Draga a day or two before my sister and her kids had arrived in Canada. My sister got the keys for her first house in Canada within 4 days. New comers always face the dilemma of wanting to start a new life and in the mean time being rejected by landlords for not having any credit history or jobs in Canada when they arrive. Draga did all she could to help my sister find that first house in only 4 days. The house was beautiful, within budget, and in the area my sister picked. What more could someone ask for?! Draga was so friendly and understand of my sister’s needs. She was also very responsive, knowledgeable, honest, and an excellent communicator. I really recommend Draga for all that I mentioned here.
Thank you so much Draga!”

Ghada Hassan

“Draginja Kapetanovic has been a great help to us when we were looking to buy our first home. She made us feel very comfortable as buying a house can be a very stressful process. She is very hardworking and honest person. She is very patient with people and answers all your concerns promptly. I would not hesitate in recommending her services to future buyers.”

Salil Kendal

“As first time home buyers, Draga made the process run smooth and worked very efficiently at finding our perfect first home.
Her high level of professionalism, dedication and knowledge are qualities that make this at times stressful process easy and enjoyable.
I would not hesitate in recommending her services to future buyers.”

Giuseppe Pileggi

“We appreciate all the help from Draga on purchasing our first home. We weren’t quite sure what we wanted or how to go about looking for a home. I had contacted a few different brokers and became really intimidated from how aggressive they were. Draga was not pushy at all, she was helpful and let us do everything at our pace, ready with answers for any question we had.
Draga shows respect to her clients and their family.
I highly recommend her to any home buyer. When it comes time to sell our home and upgrade, it will be Draga we will be calling.”

Samantha McMullen and Family.

“I am really thrilled with the service that Draginja Kapetanovic gave us. She literally changed our lives.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to any friends.
We will definitely contact her should we decide to move to new another place.
Danijela And Predrag Ccecaric
We know Draga since when she came to Canada. She was always hard working person, very honest, open and helpful. When she started working as Real Estate agent, we knew we can trust her. She was recommended by many of our friends and my family too. She did great job selling our condominium and helping us buy our detached house with excellent terms and great negotiating skills she has applied having in mind our best interests as her clients. We feel confident to contact her for our future needs in real estate, property purchase or sale.Thank you Draga , we will need you soon.”

Sada And Ed Harambasic

“Draga has helped us a lot!!! She managed to find our first dream home in short period of time. The process was stress free for us as we were aware of all the steps that are coming as we have got all information from Draga during her initial consultation with us when we met for the first time. She is very friendly, polite and patient and we never felt pressured to make a decision until we found our dream home. Draga has understood our needs, wishes and what is important to us, so the result was that we are now proud and happy homeowners. We feel now that we have Draga as our friend in Real Estate as well as our personal friend.
Thank you Draga for helping us get our dream come true and we will be very happy to refer you to our friends.”

Kati And George Gruia

We met Draga on her open house in 180 Mississauga Valley Boulevard. Our decision to choose the agent was easy: beside her great personality, she has sold her listing in this complex with multiple offers in very short period of time. On the initial consultation, we were completely aware of what it takes to sell our home as she has guided us step by step through the various potential scenarios that may happen in the process. She has helped us stage our home and we have packed more than half of our wardrobe, shoes, books and other things that we did not need at the time, so our home showed extremely well with all the extra space. You can imagine how much of work it was as we have 4 kids. She was thrilled with our efforts and results, as much as we were also so happy and thankful for the decision to choose Draga to represent us in this transaction as our home was sold in short 2 weeks with all the terms we wanted including the price! We have all the benefits of listening to Draga, not only that the transaction was smooth and with no stress for us, but it was easy to move as we have already did so much packing! As Draga has helped us a lot when we were selling our home, she was the first person we addressed when we decided to start looking buy a business. We have even found the business ourselves, but we wanted a trustworthy, experienced agent to help us through the complicated details. And in just a short time after our initial discussion, we got a deal that was matching all the terms we wanted. She has helped us get more happy clients as we have together organized draws with great gifts for our clients and we got a lot of new happy clients, including Draga, who is our regular customer and shares that her family wants to eat only halal meat since they have tasted our meat and products… 🙂 Draga’s level of expertise and negotiating skills are amazing. She is truly a pro. We are always ready to give trust to Draga when we have needs in Real Estate and gladly refer our friends. Thank you, Draga”

Naser Bushnaq & Family

“Draginja Kapetanovic (Draga) has integrity, commitment, and a great heart, which are qualities I never expected to find in a realtor. She walked us through everything and was very supportive and always nice dealing with all of our requests, including endless e-mails and phone calls. She really helped get us the perfect place for the right price.
Being fairly new to the real estate market, I always felt comfortable asking her questions and trusted that she would steer me right. Not only did Draga help us find a rental unit, she also followed up to ensure we were settling in well. I highly recommend working with Draga, as we would not hesitate to work with her again when we are ready to buy a home.”

Kabwe Nkhata